Care Guide

To clean a raw top on a daily basis, you can wipe with a damp cloth. Then, to remove more stubborn stains, you can scrub the top with a green scouring pad and white Cif cream cleaner. Do not use the yellow Cif, it contains bleach that will damage the timber.

Dilute a small amount (roughly one tablespoon) of Cif cleaner in hot water. Scrub with the grain and don’t worry if the water starts to turn brown. This is the natural tannins coming out of the wood. There is no need to be precious with this cleaning method.

Rinse the top with plenty of water and then wipe off any excess water on the surface.. Avoid contact with hot objects, use heatproof mats if necessary

Damp, untreated steel items will react with the timber and leave a dark stain. This can be removed using oxalic acid, available from most chemists. Any scratches can be removed by sanding and dents can be removed by steaming with an iron over a damp tea towel.

Oiled Finish

Spills and marks are simply removed by wiping with a damp cloth. Try to wipe anything off that will stain immediately (red wine, coffee, vinegar, lemon juice).

Do not use any silicon spray polishes. In Please avoid direct contact with hot objects. Use heatproof mats if necessary.

Certain deep scratches and marks will need to be removed by sanding. This may require you to re-oil your surface. If you believe this to be necessary , please email us or call. We will be able to assist you with explanation of the oiling process and give you any extra help you may need.

Fabric & Leather

Each fabric will have its own set of care instructions so if uncertain, please contact the manufacturer. Details can be provided

To remove stains, you should treat the area immediately and not allow the stain to dry into the fabric. Always work inwards from the edge to prevent the stain from spreading. Do not over wet the fabric. Instead, use small amounts of cleaning liquid at a time, blotting between applications. Continue until the stain has disappeared.

Leather matures beautifully if treated properly. Similar to fabric, any tough stains that you can’t remove should be dealt with by professional cleaning companies.

Vacuum the leather using the soft brush attachment. If necessary, simply wipe with a damp cloth and a mild cleaning agent. Buff with a clean, dry cloth. Avoid using chemical polish and soap.


All our composites are designed to be hardwearing however you should neot use harsh abrasive cleaners as it may spoil the finish.ON composite worktip only use cif cream cleaner and warm water, do not use the green scouring sponge. On forged carbon it is best to us microfiber cloth and gentle cleaning fluids. Forged carbon can be polished with automotive grade compounds if scratches were to occur.