Our Guarantee

All our purpose-made joinery is built and finished within our workshops, allowing us to carry out stringent quality control at every step of the process.

Should any fault occur under guarantee that is a result of faulty manufacture or poor workmanship by MND, we will we repair or replace the item at no cost to the customer.

We use the highest quality materials and finishes available on the market so we are confident that our products will outlast our guarantees.


  • 3 Year Guarantee against manufacturing defects of joinery.
  • 3 year Guarantee against coating failure on in-house finished paint.
  • 3 year Guarantee against coating failure on in-house finished stains.
  • Lifetime Guarantee on all BLUM hardware from the manufacturer.

MND offers the above guarantees subject to our guarantee conditions.

Guarantee Conditions:

3Year Guarantee against Manufacturing Defects of Joinery

The guarantee applies to all products manufactured to our specification. The guarantee excludes resin exudation, extractive staining, pinhole borer, stick marks or joinery manufactured to customers own specific designs.

3 Year Guarantee against Coating Failure on Fully Factory Finished Applied Paint and Stain

All cut or drilled timber is to be treated, primed and then finished with two coats of 2-part polyurethane paint.

This guarantee covers the coating against:

  • Peeling
  • Cracking (over greater than 5% of the coated areas)
  • Damage resulting from fungal growth within the coating
  • Significant yellowing of the of the coating
  • Premature erosion of the film leading to areas of exposed timber.

The following conditions of warranty apply following the supply of joinery products:

  • There must be no physical damage to joinery or coating, i.e. chipping, staining.
  • Coatings must be cared for appropriately and not scratched or damaged by abrasion.
  • Coatings must not be cleaned with strong chemicals
  • The coatings must be cleaned on regular basis to avoid dirt retention and mould growth.

Guarantee conditions:

The guarantees covered in this policy will be honoured provided the following conditions are met:

  • All terms and conditions have been followed and products have been cared for correctly.
  • MND agrees that defects are a result of faulty materials and workmanship by the company.
  • Full payment has been received for the goods.
  • Products have been handled, stored, installed, decorated and maintained by MND.

Liability is limited to replacing faulty products provided by MND and excludes repairs to other parts of the building damaged as a result of a defective product supplied by MND.

Exclusions from Guarantees:

  • Exclusions previously listed.
  • People not employed by or contracted by MND have carried repairs to the product.
  • Joinery that has swollen due to excessive absorption of moisture.
  • Faults from misuse, neglect, damage, repair or modification by the purchaser.
  • Customers has specific design and specification requirements.
  • Products used in environments subject to high humidity levels.
  • Damage outside of MND’s control including but not limited to accident, fire, burglary, disaster.

This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.